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Head Start/ECEAP Preschool

WWPS Head Start/ECEAP Office
Blue Ridge Elementary
1150 W. Chestnut
Walla Walla, WA 99362
Telephone (509) 527-3066 
FAX (509) 522-4480

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Program Overview

The Walla Walla Public Schools Head Start/ECEAP Preschool Program provides free preschool classes for qualifying children ages 3 to 5 living in Walla Walla County.  Some of the services the program provides include health screenings, child development screenings, disabilities services, parent education, parent goal mentoring, family support services and family activities.

Head Start / ECEAP Programs are family development programs that provide comprehensive education, health and social services for children and their families. Head Start preschool is funded by the federal government and ECEAP (Early Childhood Education Assistance Program) is funded by the Washington State Department of Early Learning. This program is designed to serve the unique needs of our community.

We promote school readiness by enhancing the cognitive, social, and emotional development of our students. The program's learning environment supports children's growth in language & literacy, cognition & general knowledge, physical development & health, social & emotional development, and approaches to learning.

The role of parents as their child's first and most important teacher is emphasized by the program's structure and activities. We strive to build relationships with families that support family well-being and positive parent-child relationships; families as lifelong learners and educators; family engagement in transitions; family connections to peers and community, and families as advocates and leaders. Please contact our Blue Ridge office at (509) 527-3066 for more information.

WWPS Head Start/ECEAP Coordinator Staff


Walla Walla Public Schools Preschool Director
Diana Evenson

  • Our Head Start/ECEAP program serves 233 children
  • Each AM and PM session holds class for 3.25 hours, four days per week
  • Our staff to child ratio is 1:8.5
Education Coordinator
Catherine Wolpert
  • Each family receives two education home visits (with literacy and math focused activities) and two conferences per year
  • Curriculum emphasizes self-esteem and social skills, language development in English and primary language, literacy, math, and science skills, appreciation of creative arts, and physical and health development 
Child Development Coordinator
Jennifer Avina
  • Every student receives developmental screenings with follow up support and referrals as necessary.
  • Our program works closely with Special Programs and area agencies to support children with special needs.
To be updated
Health and Nutrition Coordinator
Donna Fenno
  • Provide education to families on the importance of health development
  • Link families with continuous medical and dental care
  • Dental, vision, hearing screenings and referrals
  • Facilitate classroom activities with an emphasis on healthy food choices
Parent Involvement Coordinator
Cresencia Gutierrez-Duran
  • Parents are encouraged to become engaged in their child’s education!
  • Gain leadership skills and become involved in program planning through Policy Council.
  • Increase literacy in your home through family night activities.
  • Volunteer in the classroom, on field trips and preparing classroom materials at home.
  • Participate in trainings on child development, discipline, financial literacy, and other topics of interest.
To be updated
Family & Mental Health Services Coordinator
Christine Ludwig
  • Our families receive support to help them reach their goals!
  • We provide mental health support to overcome trauma and build resiliency.
  • We help connect families to community resources.

Teaching Teams

Meet Our Teaching Team Staff Members!

Lead Teacher
Candy Anderson

Asst. Teacher

Amity Priore

Family Advocate

Elia Jimenez

Floater Para

Teresa Martinez



Lead Teacher

Betsy Russell

Asst. Teacher

Yvonne Segovia

Family Advocate

Ruth Farias

Lead Teacher
Elisa Weinman-Pogue

Asst. Teacher

Ana Rosa Campos

 Family Advocate


Yahaira Cruz


Lead Teacher

Christina Arevalo


Family Advocate

Rhonda Ehrman


Lead Teacher

Sharron Plucker

 Asst. Teacher


Beatriz Esquivel

 Family Advocate


Sandy Leos

 Floater Para
To be updated

Lead Teacher

Tami Plucker


Family Advocate

Cynthia Diaz

Lead Teacher
Rachael Pederson

Asst. Teacher

Griselda Patino

Asst. Teacher
To be updated
Mindy Gonzales
Family Advocate
To be updated
Monica Jimenez


Office Staff

Data Specialist


Monica Torres

Head Secretary


Ginger Calvario




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